Our mission is to bring together a diverse coalition of stakeholders to work together to preserve and enhance water quality and stream resource quality in the Lower Des Plaines River and its tributaries.

The Lower Des Plaines Watershed Group

Stakeholders quickly determined that a comprehensive monitoring program throughout the Lower Des Plaines Watershed would not only establish baseline conditions, but also, with regression analysis, identify the biggest stressors to aquatic communities.

The Lower Des Plaines Watershed Group

Our approach to improve local rivers and streams begins with identifying the biggest stressors to aquatic life.

The Lower Des Plaines Watershed Group

Using the same state approved data collection and analyses as other major watershed groups in the region, we will incorporate our data into a tool that will identify and rank restorability projects at the stream reach level.

The Lower Des Plaines Watershed Group

Improving Surface Waters in Illinois


We collectively represent members interests in discussions with the regulatory community and environmental groups.

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We provide local coordination to develop and implement a long-term, comprehensive monitoring program to assess current stream conditions in the watershed and identify the biggest stressors to aquatic life.

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Our data-driven approach will enable us to make informed management decisions and identify the most cost-effective ways to improve local waterways and meet permit requirements.

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Lower Des Plaines Watershed Group

Become a Member

LDWG accepts membership applications made by permitted wastewater agencies, municipal stormwater dischargers, industrial dischargers and other local units of government situated within the watershed boundary.

Our Watershed

At the request of Illinois EPA, the watershed boundary was expanded to include MWRD-GC’s Kirie Plant, and is unlike traditional boundaries. Active subwatershed groups within the watershed boundary include Hickory Creek Watershed Planning Group and the Silver Creek Watershed Committee.

Events Calendar

Stakeholders in the Lower Des Plaines Watershed need to be aware of issues currently being addressed. Join us at any of our scheduled membership meetings to learn more about them, and watershed improvements.

Join Our Pet Waste Campaign

When Nature Calls...Pick It Up!

Dog poop is gross, pollutes local waterways and can carry harmful bacteria and other diseases. By encouraging responsible pet ownership we can help keep our streams, sidewalks and paths clean. We have put together outreach materials to bring a little humor to an otherwise unpleasant job.

Participation also helps your community meet stormwater permit requirements to provide education and outreach to residents on ways they can help keep pollutants like pet waste out of stormwater. This program can also be used to as part of your communities plan to address fecal coliform TMDLs.

Join our campaign to receive free signs and poop bag dispensers. Contact Jennifer Hammer if interested.

2021 Meeting Dates

March 25
May 27
July 22
September 23
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