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Critters in Our Waterways: Meet the Freshwater Mussel

Freshwater mussels, sometimes referred to as clams, are an important part of our aquatic ecosystem. From the outside they can easily be mistaken for a rock on the bottom of the stream, sometimes partially covered in algae.   Inside the shell is where the magic happens—freshwater mussels are like miniature water filtration plants. They feed on the plankton they filter out of the water, but also filter things like bacteria and detritus, before returning clean water back to the stream. A mussel can filter up to…

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Where Do Fish Go in the Winter?

As the temperatures drop, the fish go deep. As we head indoors for the winter, finding refuge and warmth in a comfy chair by the fireplace or wrapped in a blanket in front of the T.V., fish and other aquatic life also look for a good place to hunker down for the winter. Those “good places” include deep pools and slow runs (flat water areas with slow moving water) in the stream, places with root wads and vegetation or backwater…

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How Does Salt Melt Snow and Ice?

We want to stay safe following a winter snow storm, so we clear roads, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks by plowing, shoveling and using salt. Have you ever wondered how salt melts ice? How Road Salt Works The freezing point of water is 32 degrees F. When the temperature drops to 32 degrees or below, hydrogen bonds between water molecules strengthen. The molecules arrange themselves into a crystalline structure, and liquid water becomes solid ice. When the temperature rises above…

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