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Managing Detention Basins for Healthy Communities

Detention basins provide protection from flooding by capturing rain water through a series of storm sewers, holding the water for a specifically designed amount of time and then slowly releasing the water into a nearby stream. When managed well, detention basins not only address water quantity issues, but also water quality issues. A naturalized detention basin – one with native plants around the edges instead of the traditional riprap or rocks, can help: Minimize erosion around the edges, therefore not…

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Maintain Your Lawn to Protect Rivers and Streams

Many people like the look of a neatly mowed, bright green lawn. Plus, many communities and Home Owners Associations require residents to maintain their lawns to a certain standard. Traditional lawn maintenance depends on regular mowing, watering and chemical applications—most notably, fertilizers. Lawn fertilizer contains nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, that encourage turfgrass to grow quickly. However, the fertilizer we put on our lawns also affects the health of our local rivers and streams. What Lawn Fertilizer Does to…

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Travels of a Raindrop

How Stormwater Runoff Pollutes Our Rivers A raindrop that falls from the sky needs to go somewhere. When a raindrop cannot soak into the soil, it instead travels across the ground and becomes stormwater runoff. As it flows across the landscape, the raindrop picks up whatever it comes in contact with, such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, road salt, oil from cars, trash and soil particles. The runoff is eventually channeled into storm drains that connect directly to rivers and…

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The Benefits of Having a Rain Garden at Home

What is a rain garden? A “Rain Garden” is simply a shallow depression in your yard that’s planted with native plants that are accustomed to wet conditions. Rain gardens help to collect and filter rainwater and allow it to seep naturally into the ground. This helps to reduce the amount of pollutants and rainwater runoff reaching our streams and can help recharge groundwater aquifers. They also provide habitat for wetland fauna and enhance the beauty of your yard. Rain Gardens are…

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Reduce Flooding and Protect Rivers with Rain Barrels

Rainwater is Precious Freshwater Resource! When we think of our stormwater as a precious fresh water resource, it doesn’t make sense to manage it like a waste product. There is a finite amount of fresh water on earth and we can all take steps to protect it, starting with collecting it where it falls! When we catch and collect the rainwater that falls on our houses, we reduce local flooding and stress on storm sewer system infrastructure while keeping pollutants…

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