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Travels of a Raindrop

How Stormwater Runoff Pollutes Our Rivers A raindrop that falls from the sky needs to go somewhere. When a raindrop cannot soak into the soil, it instead travels across the ground and becomes stormwater runoff. As it flows across the landscape, the raindrop picks up whatever it comes in contact with, such as pet waste, fertilizer, pesticides, road salt, oil from cars, trash and soil particles. The runoff is eventually channeled into storm drains that connect directly to rivers and…

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Reduce Flooding and Protect Rivers with Rain Barrels

Rainwater is Precious Freshwater Resource! When we think of our stormwater as a precious fresh water resource, it doesn’t make sense to manage it like a waste product. There is a finite amount of fresh water on earth and we can all take steps to protect it, starting with collecting it where it falls! When we catch and collect the rainwater that falls on our houses, we reduce local flooding and stress on storm sewer system infrastructure while keeping pollutants…

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Salt Smart Tips for Staying Safe on the Roads this Winter

It takes a little time to adjust to winter driving after the first snowfall. Stay safe on the roads this winter by adopting smart winter driving habits: 1. When there is snow—Go Slow. Everyone is in a hurry to get where they are going, but we’re much more likely to get into an accident when driving fast in slippery conditions. On snowy or icy days, plan ahead and give yourself extra time to adjust to road conditions. 2. Don’t Crowd…

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The Effects of Leaves on Storm Drains

We all enjoy the bright colors of changing fall leaves. And when leaves litter our lawns, we might complain about having to continuously rake them. But how many of us make the connection that leaves impact stormwater systems and the health of local waterways? How Leaves Cause Problems for Local Drainage Systems During and after rainfall, stormwater brings leaves that have gathered on streets and sidewalks into storm drains. When large amounts of leaves collect in storm drains, leaves can…

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The Connection Between Leaves and Water Quality

Colorful leaves create beautiful scenes in our neighborhood throughout the fall season but quickly pile up in yards and streets. Did you know that fall leaves contribute up to half of the annual amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater in just the months of October and November? As the rain falls and flows through the piles of leaves, phosphorus quickly leaches out of leaves much like a tea bag in water. This “leaf tea” makes its way to our local…

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