Managing Stormwater

Create a Rain Garden to Reduce Flooding and Water Pollution

Standing water can cause big problems on your property: dead grass, leaky foundations, and a potential mosquito paradise if rain water fails to soak into the ground. Fortunately, there’s a way to help that water infiltrate instead of leaving it to pool atop your lawn.   A rain garden can help solve flooding problems on your property, and at the same time, add attractive landscaping to your yard and provide habitat for birds and butterflies! You can create a rain garden by digging a shallow basin in your yard and planting it with native plants that…

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Managing Detention Basins for Healthy Communities

Detention basins provide protection from flooding by capturing rain water through a series of storm sewers, holding the water for a specifically designed amount of time and then slowly releasing the water into a nearby stream. When managed well, detention basins not only address water quantity issues, but also water quality issues. A naturalized detention basin – one with native plants around the edges instead of the traditional riprap or rocks, can help: Minimize erosion around the edges, therefore not…

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