Healthy Yards. Healthy Communities.

To provide a beautiful place for our friends and family to gather and keep our neighborhoods looking good, we spend time and resources on yard maintenance – which helps make our towns great places to live! The actions we take to maintain our yards can have direct consequences for the health of our community and our rivers.

Rivers can be wonderful assets for communities and we can all do our part to protect them. The health of our rivers dictates to what extent we can enjoy them. Find the riverside trail to stroll along; take a float down the river in a kayak or grab your fishing gear and go fish! None of these activities would be enjoyable if the river smelled bad, looked gross or was full of litter.

Much of the rain water that falls on our properties runs off into a stormwater sewer system. The stormwater sewer system transports polluted stormwater that contains lawn chemicals, litter and other debris, then discharges it without treatment into nearby rivers, streams or ponds. We encourages homeowners to incorporate native plants in their landscapes because they help catch, keep and clean rainwater where it falls, reducing the amount of polluted stormwater that reaches our rivers.

Join the thousands of homeowners who have incorporated native plants into their landscapes to create beautiful outdoor spaces, invite birds and butterflies to their yards, reduce their use of water, fertilizers and pesticides and protect our rivers.

Creating a beautiful outdoor landscape with native plants can be easy with a little know-how. We’ve provided a guide to help you select the right species for your yard’s conditions.

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