Be Proud of Your Pond!

Did you know?

Homeowners’ Associations are responsible for maintaining their stormwater ponds. These ponds are important for stormwater management and water quality. They help retain stormwater during storms and prevent polluted runoff from reaching local rivers.

Stormwater ponds can be functional and beautiful.

Sometimes HOAs are not aware of their responsibility to maintain them. These neglected ponds become unsightly, full of garbage, algae and silt. When detention ponds are neglected, they don’t function as they should. Clogged pipes can contribute to localized flooding and eroded shorelines can lead to pond function failure.

Be proud of your pond!

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your ponds. Proper care and maintenance of these structures can improve neighborhood stormwater management and protect local water quality. These ponds don’t have to be boring either. Install native plants to help prevent shoreline erosion, deter geese and provide natural habitat for butterflies and birds.

Help bring your pond back to life! Contact your Homeowners’ Association and ask about your stormwater pond maintenance plan. For a free site visit, contact Jamie Viebach with The Conservation Foundation at

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